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Never been easier to own your Dream House or Apartment.

Safe Home is a financial organization company that enables people to own a home and car with their own savings. With the system offered by Safe Home, you start to save in installments to own your dream home or car. When your savings reach a certain point, the remaining amount is completed by Safe Home and delivered to you, and you buy the house car you find yourself.

House financing made simple.

كيف يعمل


افتح حساب الأدخار

قدم بطلب عبر الإنترنت أو قم بزيارة مكاتبنا لفتح حساب توفير يغير حياتك.


قرر ما تحتاجه

Choose what you would like to get, you can buy a House or Apartment.


أدفع أقساط شهرية

اشترِ ما تحتاجه وادفع على أقساط شهرية تصل إلى 9 سنوات.

why choose us

Presenting services that helps you reach dreams.

We have hand-crafted professional financial solutions that help people reach their dream.
By giving them an easy program to own their future home.